Original Norwegian cover of ‘Bubble’

Original Norwegian cover of ‘Bubble’

Abbie is a slave. Forced to get out of bed, forced to attend school, forced to learn things she’ll never need, forced to live with the nickname Bubble, forced to use skimmed milk instead of whole milk, forced to attend swim classes and forced to sing in the stinking Christmas choir. She is bound to follow other people’s rules, in a crappy town, in a crappy world.

After the worst day in school, she finds a mysterious glass globe in the graveyard, with a ragdoll inside. The globe grows into a giant bubble, so big she can walk in and out. It is the key to the freedom she has been waiting for. And it flies! Finally, she can quit the world! Abandon everyone and be completely left in peace. Just her, and that creepy doll. Forever...

‘Bubble’ is magic realism, based on a true fantasy. A witty and serious thriller about freedom, boundaries, intimacy and responsibility.


«Dark, witty and daring […] Devilish and thrillingly grim, a bit like Roald Dahl […] Bubble has many distinctive side characters and a message that is anything but subtle. The lack of self-importance and correctness makes it feel like something very unique among the 2017 children’s books.» -Kleve, Dagbladet (NO)

Quirky and clever
«Bubble is brimming with wise thoughts and feelings about belonging and is a must-read on the brink of young adulthood. […] Bubble has elements of magic, horror and good old-fashioned Norwegian realism. The protagonist is charmingly grumpy, and the book is filled with wise feelings and thoughts about security and belonging. And I’ll be darned if there isn’t a cozy christmas celebration thrown in as well. Bubble might well be this year’s christmas hit!»
- Kristine Isaksen, VG | NO

What a book!
«Very good children’s book that says something vital about growing up, by combining elements of fantasy and horror. [...] It’s hard to read this book without thinking of Astrid Lindgren and Stephen King, and that is a compliment to the author. Pettersen posesses the ability of both to combine the supernatural with the natural, thus describing the vulnerability, loneliness and hopes of a young person. [...] With Bubble, Siri Pettersen has written her way to the very peak of Norwegian YA writers.»
- Ørjan Greiff Johnsen, Adresseavisen | NO


«Pettersen has a perfect pitch and linguistic timing where humor and seriousness always go hand in hand. Bubble is a wonderful Christmas story in the sprit of Dickens.» -DN (SE)

«Claustrophobic and creepy […] Bubble raises questions that are important, not just for children, but for many people in today’s society.»
- Altaposten | NO

«1-2-3 pages in and I was hooked. I read late into the night, and was late for work the day after. [...] I am dumbstruck with admiration, for all her books, and love the universes she creates. Bubble is no exception.»
- Anita Steigre, Hammerfestingen | NO

«This is a fantastic story. [...] Pettersen’s book is light and catching to read. In between funny, exciting, creative, weird, dark, and a little bit melancholic.»
- Sylvia Bredal, Saltenposten | NO

«Siri Pettersen did it again. She has such an exhilarating way to write that I expected nothing else but a magnificent reading experience.»
The Owl’s Rumours | FI

«Bubble is a compelling and joyful young adult book I can recommend. This book makes you think as a good book always does.»
From reader to reader | FI