Four friends who may or may not be wearing fangs

I write fantasy. As it happens, my best friends also write fantasy. There are four of us (Fantastic Four, obviously) and we met because we all had our book debut in 2013.

But this is not about how great friends they are, it’s about what great writers they are. Their books have spanned from successful to extraordinarily successful. Partial as I might be, I dare say they have written some of the most intriguing and delightful books I know, so I think you should know, too. Get your reading list ready:

Tone Almhjell
The Twistrose Key

Tone Almhjell

Tone slammed into the spotlight when she did the impossible: Selling her book to Penguin in the US, before being published in Norway. Her extraordinary middle grade fantasy, ‘The Twistrose Key’, was named one of the top ten children’s book debuts that year by the American Booksellers Association. It was reviewed by the New York Times and the Sun, listed as one of the best books of the year by Kirkus, and named the best children’s book of the year by the Irish Independent Times. In Norway, it was nominated for the ARK children’s book Award and the Boksluker Award. Being one of the bestselling children’s books in Norway, it has captured kids and adults alike. In 2016, she launched the independent sequel, ‘Thornghost’ (Maretorn), also to wonderful reviews and nominations.

Tone’a books take place in Sylver, a magical world where animals that have been loved by a child go when they die. When Sylver is threatened, they need the help of a human child, a twistrose. Tone’s books have been compared to ‘The Brothers Lionheart’ and ‘Narnia’, exploring subjects like longing, sorrow, friendship, and courage.

Tone lives in Oslo. She is a fulltime author and writes in both English and Norwegian. In addition to US and UK, rights are sold for Spanish, Swedish, and Hebrew territories.

Tone is represented by Jane Putch at Eyebait Management, US. Visit The Twistrose Key for more.

Skillfully blending facets of classic high fantasy, this debut novel will captivate readers with its rich plot and detailed worldbuilding. […] Deeply drawn characters with heart combine with meticulous details to convincingly bring readers into the fantasy world, while a revelatory ending makes this a satisfying read that may be enjoyed even more the second time around. Fantasy that evokes the classics of yore and stands proudly among them.
— Kirkus

Tonje Tornes

Tonje Tornes

Tonje is the superwoman we all want to be, with what seems to be an endless supply of energy and resources. She is a fantasy writer, but also an editor at Egmont, responsible for remarkable successes like the bestselling children’s graphic novel ‘Northern lights’ (Nordlys), by Malin Falch. She has worked on comics such as Donald Duck, Pondus, Lunch, Dunce, Eon, Tegnehanne and All quiet on the home front.

In 2013, she launched ‘Hulder’, the first book in the middle grade fantasy series ‘Kire’, which is deeply rooted in Norwegian myths, folklore and fairytales. In case you don’t know, a hulder in nordic folklore, is an irresistable woman, seducing men to follow her into the woods, never to be seen again. The book was nominated for the ARK children’s book Award, and voted as the number 1 readers' favorite at

Tonje lives and works in Oslo. In 2015, she published the sequel, ‘Cursed’ (Forbannet), which is even more sizzling than it sounds, exploring adolecent lust and rage, as we follow Erik, struggling with his demonic instincts.

Tonje is represented by Gyldendal Agency.

Fast-paced action with a vulnerable undercurrent [...] Tornes has found inspiration in old norse folklore, and you can really smell the sour cream porridge and blueberry heather from the first page. [...] At times, the story feels so visual that it almost plays out before your eyes, like a movie. Here, the author’s background as a comics editor, is clearly visible. The result is fresh and captivating, and will satisfy young readers with high demands for pace in entertainment.
— Katrine Kirkeby Arnold, Barnebokkritikk

Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen
Bian Shen

Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen

Torbjørn spent a good deal of his childhood in the local library, reading anything of interest, from encyclopedias to crime stories and magic realism. His first attempt at writing happened at 15, involving rather terrible poems on napkins. He started writing stories when he was 22.

In 2013, Gyldendal published his book ‘Bian Shen’, the first book in a science fiction/fantasy trilogy with a fascinating premise: There’s a group of children that have lived for thousands of years. Given both a miracle and a curse, they have been reborn throughout history, but never able to live beyond the age of fourteen. But one day, Arthur wakes up and realizes that everything is about to change.

Torbjørn lives and works in Oslo. He recently published the sequel, ‘Kelestriel’. When he doesn’t write his own stories - or does important information security stuff - he is usually deep down in other’s stories, be it books, movies, video games or tv-series. Occasionally, he also teaches creative writing and does consultancy on manuscripts.

Torbjørn is represented by Gyldendal Agency. Visit his website for more.

It is tough, entertaining and wise in its own way. And built on a bloody brilliant idea. [As] retro-futurism, a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, it addresses philosophical, existential subjects, such as life and death, good and evil, and the meaning of it all. Gradually, James Bond-ish dimensions crystallize in the plot.
— Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet