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NRK TV team selfie

NRK TV: Book expedition (Bokekspedisjonen)

‘The Book Expedition' show was shot on the stunning island Herøy in Norland. I got to rant about The Raven Rings, fantasy, northern Norway, writing, cosplay, and how impossible I was as a child. The show was aired on Norwegian TV august 2019, and is still available for streaming.

NRK TV 29.08.2019


Fantasy readers will save the world

An interview and a report from the launch party of The Raven Rings 3, centered around fantasy and its dedicated readers.

NRK 01.11.2015
By Thomas Espevik


The Raven Rings becomes film

VG breaking the news about Odin’s Child being optioned for film by Maipo Film in Norway.

VG - 06.11.2015
By Camilla Norlie/Eskil Furunes


Some don’t think fantasy is real literature

Portrait interview centered around the creation and reception of The Raven Rings.

DAGBLADET 23.07.2016
By Rannveig Korneliussen


They wrote 3 of the most popular fabtasy books

Tonje Tornes, Tone Almhjell and Siri Pettersen, about writing, creativity and friendship.

DAGBLADET 08.09.2014
by Marie L. Kleve


Northern Literary Award to Siri Pettersen

Briefly on the Northern Norwegian Literary Award, ‘Havmannprisen’

ABC NYHETER 15.06.2016
by NTB


Found magic portal

An interview following the first nomination to the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize.

DAGSAVISEN 05.11.2013
by Bernt Erik Pedersen


The Mother of Ravens

A thorough portrait centered on writing, ravens, the reception of the books and personal matters.

UKEADRESSA 22.03.2014
by Veronika Søum


We can still save some

A longer magazine portrait about writing, and the love for the fantasy genre.

55+ 13.02.2017
by Espen Selmer-Torgersen


Siri has the Might to pull people to fantasy

A portrait about the books and they’re success.

BYAVISA 03.02.2016
by Odd Ragnar Myhr


Fantasy without footnotes

Talking to the Deichman Library about fantasy, writing and visuals.

DEICHMAN BLOG 29.11.2013
by Bodil Aga Aandstad


Interview with Siri Pettersen

Delving into details with Fanzine ‘Science Fiction & Fantasy Planet’.

SSF PLANET 28.09.2018


Forever fantasy

Short interview with Book 365 about writing and favourites.

BOK365 10.09.2015
by Victoria Jelsø Spanthus


Noway’s fantasy Queen

About fantasy and fandom, following the second nomination for the Booksellers’ Prize.

DAGSAVISEN 15.11.2014
by Veronica Karlsen


Will write for younger readers

About the children’s book, ‘Bubble’ and why it had to be written.

TØNSBERG BLAD 21.12.2017
by NTB


In company with the greatest

About the first nomination for the Booksellers’ Prize.

NORDLYS 04.11.2013
by Rikke Lange


The nerds are taking over

An interview about fantasy, and experiences from the Göteborg Bookfair.

PERISKOP 29.09.2016
by Erle Marie Sørheim


Two new fantasy series that impress

With my dear friend Tonje Tornes, talking about our fantasy co-debut.

DAGBLADET 09.09.2013
by Cathrine Krøger


A women’s revolution

About the new rush of fantasy, compared to crime literature.

A MAGASINET 20.04.2014
by Aslak Nore/Asbjørn Slettemark


Could win prestigious award with fantasy

An interview following the first fantasy being nominated for the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize.

NORDLYS 04.11.2013
by Rikke Lange


She won the literary award with fantasy

A report from the award ceremony of the South Literary Award (Sørlandets Litteraturpris)

AGDERPOSTEN 23.04.2016
by Anne Gro Ballestad


The ten best books of the year

An article following the announcement of the nominations for the 2017 Booksellers’ Prize.

VG 26.10.2017
by Camilla Norli


Siri’s fantasy debut

The very first book-related interview I ever gave, right before my debut.

VG 07.07.2013
by Sølvi Wærhaug


Following up norse fantasy successes

About Norwegiean successes and sequels in fantasy.

DAGSAVISEN 23.06.2014
by Bernt Erik Pedersen


That time I beat Knausgård

From the award ceremony of the South Literary Award (Sørlandets Litteraturpris)

AGDERPOSTEN 25.04.2016
Anne Gro Ballestad


The booksellers’ favourites

A summary following the nominations of the 2015 Booksellers’ Prize.

VG 27.10.2015
by Borghild Maaland


Could win the Booksellers’ Prize

About the Booksellers’ Prize, and the first fantasy to be nominated.

by Markus Tobiassen


Designing their own book covers

About cover illustration, and writers designing their own book covers.

NRK 06.02.2016
by Thomas Espevik


Published the best book from the north

A summary following the North-Norwegian Literary Award, ‘Havmannprisen’.

FOLKEBLADET 14.06.2016
by Reidar Ingebrigtsen


Siri’s bubble taking off

About the children’s book, ‘Bubble’, sales and foreign territories.

FOLKEBLADET 28.12.2017
by Veronika Karlsen


North-Norwegian literary award to Siri Pettersen

A summary following the North-Norwegian Literary Award, ‘Havmannprisen’.

by NTB


Who should win the Literary Award?

An article about the nominees for the South Literary Award. (Sørlandets Litteraturpris)

AGDERPOSTEN 12.02.2016
by Inger Stavelin


One of them will be this fall’s bestseller

A summary following the North-Norwegian Literary Award, ‘Havmannprisen’.

AFTENPOSTEN 29.10.2014
by Kaja Korsvold


Best Norwegian YA novels of all time

The first winners on Dagbladet’s list of best Norwegian YA novels of all time.

DAGBLADET 17.11.2014
by Cathrine Krøger