Ok, not a shop as such, because how the eff would I find time? But here are a few things you might like, even if most are in Norwegian only. It is still possible to ship internationally, just make sure you hit the right button ;) Thank you for your support!

Collector’s boc

The Raven Rings Collector’s Box (Norwegian only)

Exclusive limited edition giftbox, individually numbered and signed. And before you read on: It’s all in Norwegian. This is a very limited edition - 999 boxes, at €100/999 NOK (+Postage for international orders) More about the contents here.


The Raven Rings notebook

These Raven Rings notebooks are designed just the way I like it: Black hardcover, yet slim and light, rounded corners, gorgeous surface texture, engraved logo, and 80 blank, unlined pages of high quality paper. The notebooks are 13,5 x 21 cm, and cost €18,5/179 NOK, shipping included!

Antiklimaks comic

Antiklimaks - The comic book (Norwegian only)

Before I started writing, I created ‘Anti-climax,’ a comic strip about everything that’s wrong with the world. Well, it's been 15 years, and everything is still wrong! So here it is: Anti-climax - an anniversary book, sort of, at €17/169 NOK. All the strips, all the stories, and all the extras, collected for the first time. In Norwegian only.