Original Norwegian cover of ‘The Might’, book 3 of The Raven Rings

Original Norwegian cover of ‘The Might’, book 3 of The Raven Rings

Imagine being an icon for a dreaded people. The symbol that unites them in hatred and vengeance. As the daughter of a dead born warlord in exile, your destiny is to mark the beginning of the end.

Hirka prepares to meet the ruling house of a cold, hierarchical world where contempt for weakness is paramount. Reluctantly, she accepts her fate, hoping to keep Rime alive and Ymslanda safe. But the dead borns thirst for the Might is absolute and Hirka realize that war she wanted to prevent, is inevitable. An awareness that will soon challenge everything she ever believed in and fought for.

‘The Might’ is the third and final book in the acclaimed fantasy series ‘The Raven Rings’. A spectacular finale that explores roots, power and arrogance.

  • A black shadow is forced into slavery and loses more then he can bear.

  • A dead born warrior is given a hopeless choice and is challenged to rise from the gutter.

  • A family from an honoured house hides a past that can bring them all down.

  • A dreaded people prepares for the war that will avenge a thousand year old betrayal.

  • And a redhaired, tailless girl struggles against time, painfully aware that this is all about her.