Collecto’s Box

The Raven Rings Box Set! Yes, we’re talking exclusive, delicious, limited edition giftbox, individually numbered and signed. And before you read on: It’s all in Norwegian!

This is a very limited edition - 999 boxes, at 999 NOK/€100. If you want one of these - despite the fact that it’s all in Norwegian - you can see how to order here.

I once asked you what you would want in a box set, and you went pretty nuts. We read through all the comments and picked the most popular wishes. So this last fall, I worked intensely with design and content. This has been a dream to make! Here is the result:

  • Collector’s book: Grand edition of the entire trilogy, combines in one massive tome with silver edging.

  • Herbal guide: Hirka’s notes and illustrations of herbs in Ymslanda, how to use them, and possible parallells in our world

  • Umoni dictionary: A thorough introduction to the language and grammar of the blind ones. Perfect for those who move in Umpiri social circles. (A fair warning: Not easy!)

  • Scrapbook: A diary about the making of the Ravenrings, with character sketches, history, process, how I write, some earlier articles and posts, some fanart, that sort of thing

  • Maps: All three maps in A3-format, printed on linen. Because you wanted maps without visible folds. Genious, right?

  • Hirka’s wolf’s tooth necklace: Animal friendly with adjustable string in faux leather. (One mark for me...)

  • Three bookmarks, eight collectible card, signed and numbered certificate

How to order