Original Norwegian cover of ‘The Rot’, book 2 of ‘The Raven Rings’

Original Norwegian cover of ‘The Rot’, book 2 of ‘The Raven Rings’

Imagine being hunted in an unknown world. With no identity. No family. No money. All you have is a manhunter, a dead born, and a grim, growing certainty of who you are.

Hirka is stranded in a dying world, torn between manhunters, dead born and a deep longing for Rime, the friend she'd give anything to see again. She is fair game in our urban world, but fighting for survival is nothing compared to what comes when she realizes who she is. For a thousand years, the source of the rot has craved freedom. A freedom only Hirka can provide. This is the sequel to the critically acclaimed fantasy phenomenon ‘Odin’s Child’.

In ‘The Rot’ we encounter greed, thirst for revenge and fear of death.

  • A dying raven holds a secret with the power to bring down worlds.

  • A manhunter pulls teeth out of dead men's jaws, to find the source of a plague.

  • A dead born dreads meeting the brother he betrayed, maimed and exiled.

  • People leave their loved ones behind to embrace the rot, in the quest for eternal life.

  • And a redheaded, tailless girl runs for her life, oblivious to the fact that this is all about her.