Translators are vital for a book to succeed beyond its borders. The writing makes or breaks a story, and abroad - the translater is the writer. In my experience, translators are extremely dedicated and thourough, working relentlessly, often for far less than they deserve. If you loved a book, make a note of who translated it, too. Here is a list of all the beloved translators of my books <3

The Raven Rings

  • Sweden: Ylva Kempe

  • Finland: Eeva-Liisa Nyqvist

  • Denmark: Rolf Stavnem

  • Brazil: Leonardo Pinto Silva

  • Poland: Anna Krochmal and Robert Kędzierski

  • Czech Republic: Jitka Jindriskova

  • Italy: Irene Peroni

  • Estonia: Kadri Rood

  • Israel: Yonatan Bar

  • Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Dagmar Mißfeldt and Dagmar Lendt

  • Russia: Catherine Lavrinaitis

  • USA/Canada/Australia: Paul Russell Garrett


  • Sweden: Sabina Söderlund

  • Finland: Eeva-Liisa Nyqvist

  • Denmark: To be determined

  • Poland: Anna Krochmal and Robert Kędzierski

  • Latvia: Māra Valpētere

  • Faeroe Islands: Jákup Sørensen